Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The first week back from vacation is always a busy one, but this is crazy! Travis finally wore me down and we purchased a new camera for our trip to Kauai, and I STILL haven't figured out how to edit the pictures yet. I wasn't going to post any until I could clean them up, but I can't wait anymore. Here are a few pics of my favorite parts of the week.

The view from halfway up Sleeping Giant Trail (my favorite trail on the island)

Last leg of Sleeping Giant Trail

The view from the top. I wish the camera would capture how beautiful it actually was.

Hanalei Bay, North Shore, Kauai

...and that was all in one day! More to come later.

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The Paskins said...

I'm SO glad to hear you had a wonderful time!!! Can't wait to see more pictures.

Miss you,