Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Break 2010

We're officially adults.  This spring break we spent most of our time sleeping and cleaning up around the house.   That and a lot of playing with Adaline.  We did venture to Santa Cruz for a few days so Adaline could meet her uncles, two of which were around this time.  We enjoyed a couple of hours at a local coffee shop with Chuck, catching up and soaking in the sun (it was a much needed dose of Vitamin D, who knew we'd get such winter weather in April?)
Later that afternoon, Travis' family watched Adaline while we took an hour for ourselves.  We *had* to pick up our wine club shipment at one of our favorite wineries, Bonny Doon, which is convienently located about a mile from the house.  Their new tasting room is such a treat for the eyes and the pallet. Who knew you could so many different things with wine bottles?


Even though we were on a date sans baby, she was still in our thoughts.

When we returned to the house, Adaline was waiting for us to take her to her first Oyster appetizer experience.  She slept through most of it, but we had a great time!

After that, Jesse came over for dinner and we exhausted ourselves laughing at all the stories that were shared. All in all, we're starting to get the hang of traveling!  Our new family slogan: Have PackNPlay, Will Travel.  

*P.S. Yes, we're well aware of the fact that we match.  We have a terrible time with that and we usually catch ourselves before we leave the house, but we didn't pay attention when we were packing this time around, so there you go...matchymatch couple it is.  At least we didn't dress Adaline in blue, too!

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