Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our first walk

When Adaline was a little over a week old, Travis and I ventured out for our first walk.  The poor dogs had been so neglected the last few weeks of the pregnancy.  I would go for slow short walks without them, because they were just too powerful for me to handle on my own.  I was so off-balanced at the end I was terrified they would pull me over in a split second.

Since I was still recovering from the birth we were still really slow, but at least the dogs were free. It was the first time we used the Bjorn, and it was a little strange to let go of her and trust that she was safe in the contraption.  I've gotten way past that fear, and we now go for walks every morning that the weather allows (side note: how stinking crazy is this May weather?  It was warmer in March than it is now!  I know I'll regret this verbal complaint in two or three weeks when we magically jump to 80+ degrees overnight.)

Amazingly, Adaline is already big enough to face forward in the Bjorn.  

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