Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy 60th Birthday, Dad!

My dad's 60th birthday was Friday and we celebrated by visiting a local bakery/coffee shop for cookies and coffee. On Sunday, we had a great family birthday party for him at our new house to show off all of my dad's hard work.  Unfortunately, it was still raining so we could only really show off the inside of the house (though the backyard is looking great!)  The house is perfect for Tornquist family gatherings.  We comfortably fit over 30 people inside the house...imagine what we can do this summer when the pool is full and we can set up all the patio furniture!  It was amazing having the whole branch of the Tornquist clan in one place.  We were only missing a few people (one cousin, his wife and three kids, one aunt, and a few husbands/boyfriends, and a few cousins' children).  The oldest person was 87 (I think) and the youngest was 7 weeks (we're all so happy to meet Ava!)  It warms my heart to know we had four generations in one place at one time.  
I didn't get to take as many pictures as I wanted to because we have entered the separation anxiety stage, and Adaline was attached to my hip the entire party. I did manage to grab one shot of the cake before we devoured it (Olde Tyme- YUM!)  I tried to take a couple of pictures of my dad giving beautifully touching speech, but I had it on the wrong setting (due to said baby on hip- or perhaps the tears in my eyes), and the pics were too dark.  I noticed my uncle had his camera I've put in a request for a couple of pics from him.  Hopefully, I'll post a few later this week.

I did get a few pictures of the birthday boy with grandbaby #3 on Thursday.  One of my co-workers swears that Adaline looks just like my dad and you can totally see it here.  

Those eyebrows have Tornquist written all over them :)  Happy Birthday, Dad!

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