Monday, March 28, 2011

Swimming Pool Progress

The rain has finally stopped! At least for the week...
My dad has been waiting for this or a few months so he could tackle the pool.
After much research, he found that painting the pool was a better deal than resurfacing it.  Who knew you could paint a pool?  There's even special paint for that exact purpose!
It may have stopped raining, but the wind is still blowing, and it keeps knocking tree debris right onto the target surface.  What's a guy to do?  Make a cover, of course! While it worked great, it was a bit erie to see (kind of looked like Dexter had set up shop in our back yard-yikes!)

 Adaline wasn't too sure about the whole thing...

 But when we told her she'd be able to go swimming soon, she warmed up to the idea :)
 Tanner did, too  :)

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