Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Ed and Linda!

March is a big month for me at work, and throwing a big birthday bash for my dad on top of that has left me with VERY little time for anything else.  I usually write my blog posts late at night after Travis and Adaline go to bed, mainly to document what is going on in our lives but also to keep family updated.  Right now, I'm out of town at a work conference and just sending out week-old anniversary cheers to my in-laws. It's only 8:35pm!  Maybe I'll get to bed before 10 tonight :P Amazing how much time you have when you only have to care for yourself!

Travis's parents, aka Grandpa and Grandma Walsh, celebrated their 41 wedding anniversary this year.  How amazing is that?  Last year they went on a week-long trip to Mexico to do some deep sea fishing and this year they went back to New Jersey to one of the family's old vacation spots, Cape May.  I haven't talked to them since they returned this week, so I don't know how it went, but I imagine it was great.  Who doesn't love going back to a known vacation spot?  You know where all the good places are, know your way around town, and get that great "we belong" feeling.  We're so happy for them and hope to celebrate together as soon as we can.  Since I'm on my work computer, I don't have any pictures to post tonight, but I'll put some up ASAP :)

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