Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Travis!

The last couple of weeks have been packed full so I'm a *tad* bit late posting about Travis' birthday... It has actually been birthday month for the old guy, so I'm not feeling so bad :)

We kicked off the month celebrating with Travis's family in Sonora. We had a great dinner at Diamondback Bar and Grill (always delicious!) No one had a camera, so I don't have any pictures to post of the little gathering :( 

The week of Travis's birthday, my family helped me throw Travis another birthday dinner. I say "helped," but what I really mean is hosted. I was in my last few days of work for the school year (which are always so busy my head spins) and we already had plans to leave town for the weekend (more on that later), so my mom helped me out with alllll the preparation. The dinner was incredibly enjoyable, and Adaline hung in there like a champ, even though we were a half hour past her bed time (that girl is routine oriented!) 
Here are a few of pictures I was able to take from the evening.

The Birthday Boy (why yes, that is a tractor behind him...)

 The big kids teaching Adaline how to ride a bike- I LOVE Laura's expression here. It looks like she's going to crash, but I took a quick succession of shots, and she didn't. She must have expected it, though.

 Here we are, matchy-matchy again. 

Don't you love the alligator on the table?

Laura was brave and tried cucumbers (and liked them!)

The Lauras... Isn't it amazing how much my mom and sister look alike as they're both looking at Laura?

Adaline "helped" Daddy with his piece of cake- and by helped I mean ate the entire thing...

...and Trace thought it was funny that she made such a mess :)

Laura helped Travis open his gifts... awesome shirt  (Dads Against Daughter's Dating)...
...and the BBQ he has been drooling over for months!
It was a great night! 

Happy Birthday, my love, I wish I could have thrown you a birthday party where all your friends and family are together, but it just wasn't in the cards this year. I fear your friends would think us strange if I invite them all over then say, "But you have to leave by 9 because that's when we fall into bed exhausted." Hopefully we'll be able to stay up later in the years to come ;P 

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Enid said...

belated felicitations to Travis Adaline had a great time!!! she looks fine in the bathing suits, quite the model. The hat in the third pic is the sort I meant in my last commenting. They cover a multitude of sins :p)) xxx