Monday, June 20, 2011


Adaline was playing and laughing and dancing around with her toys until she spotted me with the camera...then she played coy. At home, she's such a playful little girl; she laughs and talks and becomes so silly. But as soon as anyone else watches her, she runs to Travis or my side for safety. Not that many people see Adaline's true personality. I find that she responds much better to people when they sort of ignore her...when people-anyone-comes right up to her and expects a response from her she pulls back. When people approach us, say hi to her, then turn and talk to us, she spends the time studying them and assessing the situation. After a few minutes, she initiates interactions...waving hi, or sharing a toy. It's nothing personal, she's just slow to warm up. I, for one, am happy about it. It's a natural safety precaution   that I will not try to get her to change. I'd rather her be shy and safe than teach her to override her instincts. So, if you see us around, I recommend you nonchalantly say hi to her, then ignore her for a little me when I say she'll come around quickly.

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