Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day and Happy Anniversary!

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful, supportive, loving father- a man I know I can always turn to, whether it be to help fix the whatever (because he really can fix everything) or to listen when I'm having a hard time with life. My dad always has the best answer for me, and I know his answers are based in love.
Happy Father's Day, Dad! I love you!

I also get to wish my husband of 7 years (today!) a Happy Father's Day! He is the natural father I knew he would be. He loves Adaline with all his heart and it shows every time he looks at her.
Happy Anniversary, Travis, here's to another wonderful, eventful year!


Enid said...

happy anniversary!!!!!!!!
don't worry about Adaline's hair. when it has grown a little more, a trim will make it aittle thicker. for my girls, I got cotton bonnets for the summer.

Margo said...

Thank you, Enid! I'm thinking of trimming the back a little bit just so the sides have time to grow one likes a mullet, right?!