Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

For the last few years we have hiked around Pinecrest Lake on Memorial weekend- it's kind of our personal summer kickoff. We knew it would be colder than normal on this year's hike, but we really weren't prepared for the SNOW that met us. SNOW. So much for our plans for a hike and picnic lunch. 

 It really was beautiful. There were still people camping (in tents!) but the area was almost empty and everything was so quiet and peaceful. Just what we needed after six weeks with a newborn. After our displaced picnic lunch we stopped by Travis' parents' cabin for a quick visit before heading home.

Monday we celebrated my great-uncle Vernal's 90th birthday party with the extended family.  My dad's cousin Michelle hosted a beautiful gathering and we were able to introduce Spencer to all his great-great uncles and aunts on my dad's side. Uncle Vernal is the oldest of four (my grandpa is the third child) and all the siblings were there to celebrate. Every single one of them is still sharper and funnier than I am today in my 30s. I always look forward to hanging out with them and hearing their amazing stories. (This time one of the stories we heard was actually about how my dad shot one of his brothers without using a gun when they were kids. They both lived to tell about it-thankfully- but it's just one of the many stories we hear about our amazing family. I really should write all the stories I have heard down and compose a book. Some of them are so outrageous they're almost unbelievable. I only believe them because I know my dad and his siblings and I can vividly picture the scenarios they describe.)
I didn't think to bring my camera so I don't have any pictures of the party, but Michelle's friend was taking pictures and was kind enough to send these pictures her way, which she sent our way (thank you Michelle- I'd love to give your friend photo credit, so please send us her name!)

The party had a tractor theme (perfect for the farming family!) and these great little toy tractors kept Adaline and my cousin Aimee's children Julie, pictured here, and Jenna busy.
 Delicious food!
 Well, what I was able to taste was great- Adaline liked it so much she ate most of my plate :)
 Not very often someone takes a picture of me with my children, so I am so happy to have this one!
(Spencer is now SIX weeks old- already!!!!)
What a wonderful way to spend Memorial Day, celebrating a milestone birthday of a WWII vet with multiple other WWII vets who are also family members present (my grandpa included). Happy Birthday, Uncle Vernal, and thank you to all the servicemen and women who choose to protect our country as well as all their families who support them in their quest to do so. Hope you had an enjoyable weekend, too!

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