Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Friday Fun

We've been making the weekly trip to our local Farmer's Market on Friday mornings for the entirely of summer and I love it! Who doesn't love fresh fruit, fresh hummus, fresh peasant bread, and sometimes fresh scones. Sadly, my scone ladies (as Adaline has come to know them) haven't been around all month, and I miss them dearly. The scone lady is the same baker that makes the desserts for The Tap Room, Dust Bowl Brewery's tasting room. Sadly (and a little embarrassingly,) I have yet to stop by The Tap Room and actually try the beer or food. They opened the month I found out I was pregnant with Spencer, and now that he's here, I'm too tired to go out to lunch or dinner...
Anyway, back to Farmer's Market, we always seem to run into a few friends and find some great food to take home. If you're able to, check it out!

 One Friday they even had a little petting zoo set up!

 And this was just too darn cute not to document :)

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