Thursday, January 17, 2013

After Christmas Fun

After Christmas we stayed at my parents' cabin for a few days and enjoyed the most beautiful snow fall. I absolutely love fresh snow (as long as I'm not driving in it!)

No trip to the cabin is complete unless we visit the best coffee shop around (seriously, I wish I could work here)

We were able to walk out the back door and enjoy a nice gently sloping sled run with Adaline, but truly, we only went sledding WITH her, once each. Then she refused to let us ride with her because she was going to do it herself...and she did, she even hiked back up the hill in knee-deep (to her) snow every time!

While we were playing in the snow, Spencer was enjoying the warm fire and attempting to crawl.

He did come outside to experience snow for the first time, and I think he liked it!

 On our drive home, I think we captured the look of pure content-ness (even if it is a little fuzzy!)

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