Monday, January 14, 2013

Miss Mary's Christmas Party

Mary, one of my old co-workers, hosts a Christmas Party every year for her current and past students and their families. She has invited me every year that I have worked with her, but I've never been able to make it. This year, Travis and I were able to take both the kids to meet Mary and her amazing staff. It was wonderful seeing everyone again, and seeing how much some of my students have grown in the last few years. 

Mary had multiple craft stations set up around the room, as well as a station for Santa to sit. Adaline would have NOTHING to do with Santa- aside from the high-five she gave him as we walked in the door, but was quite happy to decorate cookies, color, and get her face (okay, her hand) painted. 

 Miss Mary and I both have two kids. Both kids are close in age: our first children would only have been a month apart, but her son came early (you'd never know it now- he is a healthy, big guy!) and our second children were born one week apart. Spencer was only okay with Santa because beautiful Annabelle was already sitting on his knee (just so happens, this Santa is her daddy!)

 And since Spencer was okay with Santa, Adaline reconsidered and stood next to him for a picture.
Thanks again for inviting us, Mary! It was great to see you, the staff, and the kids. Hopefully we can meet up again soon for a play date!

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