Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, I know it's now January, but it's been a rough couple of months.

The first week of Novemeber, Spencer came down with some sort of stomach bug. It was lower intestinal and didn't stop him from eating, so we (along with his doctor) decided to let it run it's course. He wasn't acting completely himself so we decided to cancel a long awaited trip to Tahoe. Thankfully we did, because we received an early morning call on Sunday, a day we would have been in Tahoe, that my grandpa had fallen ill and the whole family was being called to the hospital to say our goodbyes. I was able to be there for that special time, say my goodbyes and thank yous to an amazing man. That is something I will forever be grateful for being able to do.

After a full week, Spencer started throwing up, too. I took him back to the doctor and had him checked out. Doc said we'd keep an eye on it and to call if he started getting dehydrated. Unfortunately, I had to call the next evening because Spencer just wasn't keeping fluids down. He was hungry and would grab at his bottle, but just couldn't keep it down longer than 30 minutes. Doc had us come in first thing in the morning, which was the day of my grandfather's funeral and celebration of life. I took him in and Doc said he was on the verge of dehydration and he would call me at lunch to check on him. One of the best friends I have ever had insisted on coming over to watch Spencer, putting her health and her own boys health at risk so that I could attend the ceremonies. I will forever be grateful for that act of love and kindness, Jen. Spencer seemed to be on the mend during that time because he kept his two 2 oz bottles down (usually he eats 6 oz at a time!). But, a few hours later after we returned home, he started vomiting again and continued throughout the night. I called the doc in the morning and as we had discussed earlier, we took Spencer to the ER for IV fluids. Doc had us go ahead and stay the night to ensure he was going to stay healthy. All the labs came back fine, he had a regular old case of the flu and was severely dehydrated. After the first hour of IV fluids, color came back into his cheeks and his personality came back- he was wooing all the nurses (male and female) and he was smiling and laughing again. From the time of his 6-month check up two weeks before his illness to our stay in the hospital, Spencer had lost 2 lbs- over ten percent of his body weight. Two months later, and he is just now getting back to his 6-month weight. Before The Illness, we were close to sleeping though the night, then we were back to being up every two hours to feed him because he was starving all the time. Two months later, we are now back to only getting up once or twice a night.

This is what Spencer looked like a month before he got sick...
This is after two weeks of being sick...

AND THEN- on Thanksgiving Day (which we were hosting) Adaline gets the stomach bug. Wonderful.
My mom talked me out of canceling the whole thing, and Adaline hung in there like a champ. I couldn't tell you much about the day, honestly. I was so worried about Adaline getting sick and Spencer would not let me get more than a foot away from him (I swear we were both traumatized by his illness), so I feel like the night flew by.

The next day, Adaline said she felt "all better" and wanted to go visit the Walsh Cabin. So off we went, with our fingers crossed- and amazingly, she did okay!
Spencer and Auntie Sara

It has been a crazy month and it took us right into December which is crazy in its own way, so I know this is a Thanksgiving post and it's already January, but that's where we're at these days.

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