Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tanner's "clothes"

Yes, in the previous picture, the dogs are wearing clothes.  As some of you know, Tanner is a slight dog.  He's a mere 43 pounds, while Belle weighs in at 58 pounds.  When we take him to the mountains, he shivers- a lot. Because of this, I bought him a nice leather jacket last year for Christmas.  He LOVES the jacket... whenever we pull it out he runs over and sits down so we can put it on him.  We joke about how he's a little bit feminine (Belle's the strong alpha in our family) and he loves to get dressed up.  No matter, we love Tanner for being Tanner.  This Christmas, Sara, Travis's sister told us she bought a jacket for the dogs to share, so they'd each have a winter coat.  Imagine our surprise when we open the jacket and it's pink...with a fur-lined collar.  We laughed and put it on Belle.  Being that she's over 10 pounds heavier than Tanner... it didn't fit!  We couldn't even keep it buttoned!!!  We all had a good laugh at that and we put it on Tanner.  We're a open family- who cares if Tanner wears pink, right?  It's just a color.  The picture in the previous post shows Tanner in "his" new jacket and Belle in the hand-me-down leather one.  As long as they're warm, they are city dogs, after all ;)
Here are pictures of each dog in the same coat...  look how small it is on Belle!!!  We have to keep the hood off most of the time because Belle tries to bite the fur.  Thanks for the jacket Sara!

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