Thursday, December 6, 2007


I have successfully defended! I was so nervous about the presentation, but my parents, Hayley, and Travis came to support me which helped calm me. I was asked three or four questions by the committee (they do this to everybody) and I was able to answer all of them immediately. One of my biggest fears was not having an answer ready, but I was able to answer all of them :)
One thing I didn't count on was how tired I would be this afternoon. I am physically and mentally exhausted. I have to stumble through work tomorrow and then I plan on sleeping most of the weekend away. Two and a half years, presented in one day...I am so happy, I don't have words for it. Thank you for you calls and well-wishes Sara, Brooke, Jen, Sarah, Brighid, and everyone else! I think it helped!!!


Hilary said...

Congratulations, Margo!!! Of COURSE you had answers to all their questions -- you rock!

Anonymous said...

Margo -- I am so proud of you. Congratulations!