Saturday, May 7, 2011

~Happy Early Mother's Day~

Travis and I kicked off Mother's Day Weekend (yes, we get a whole weekend!) with one of our favorite hikes- around Pinecrest Lake.  We tried to document the day as best as possible, but carrying around a camera is getting harder and harder as we find ourselves carrying more and more baby gear.

Beautiful day for a hike...
Pinecrest, 100 years ago (just kidding...I was just playing around with editing-I'm new at it!)
Some before shots
 Adaline waved at every car arriving and leaving the parking lot- and almost everyone waved back.
Who wouldn't wave back to a beautiful child?!

 During shots...the south fork of the Tuolumne River was amazing.
 Thank you, Nancy and Casey for the perfect backpack!

 The after shots- we had a delicious dinner with Travis' family at their cabin.
(Thanks for letting me wear your jacket, Ed! I'd forgotten how quickly the mountains cool off...)
 Asleep by the time we hit the highway :) That's proof of a good day.
I saw this sign as we passed through Sonora; we missed the parade, but we had a great day.
Hope you have an enjoyable Mother's Day with your loved ones!

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