Friday, May 13, 2011

Hello, Dolly! Goodbye, Renee :(

Travis and I went out to the Big Ol' City of Modesto to enjoy our friend Renee's musical voice one last time before she moves out of state. We've left Adaline with a sitter before, but now that she's older, I was afraid she'd be more upset with us leaving right before bedtime- nope. We have a *fantastic* babysitter who clicked with Adaline when she was an infant, and she has always done well with her (knock on wood for next time!!!!) Tonight was no exception, and Adaline had a great time at home while we had a great time listening to jazz.
We were pleasantly surprised with a visit from Carol Channing and her husband, Harry Kullijian. Apparently, they are close friends with Renee and her family and came to hear the farewell performance. It was not advertised that Carol would be there, but when she walked in, she still did her rounds and said hello to all the patrons.  Harry was a crack up.  He came over to say hi (even though Travis said, "Who's Carol Channing?) to us and even snacked on our sweet potato fries.  He asked first, of course, but who would say no to Mr. Carol Channing (I wonder if he dislikes being called that? No offense intended, Mr. Kullijain!)  I see Carol and Harry in Trader Joe's every once in awhile, which is sort of strange since I only go to TJ's once a month or so.  Makes me wonder if we're on the same schedule or if they go A LOT...Anyway...
It was an enjoyable evening out and we came home to a sleeping baby~ what more could we ask for?!
Hope your Friday the Thirteenth was as happy as ours :)

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