Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This year, we spent July 4th doing almost the exact same thing as last year (when you think about it, doesn't everyone?)
We tortured ourselves with a hot, dusty, strenuous 5K in Murphy's at Twisted Oak's Hernia Hill. The actual winery/tasting room is at the top of a pothole-filled drive. There are multiple courses (5K, 10K, and 1/2 marathon) but we stick to the the short course. It's *only* two laps, which means we crawl up Hernia Hill not once, but twice, which gives us even more time to ponder why we willingly signed up for this course when we already knew what was in store. Oh boy. How the heck did I run this last year just months after giving birth?! I don't remember what my actual time was last year, but I think I did better back then than I did this year. Of course I had Tanner running with me this year. Oh yes, my usual running mate Tanner decided he didn't want to stay in the truck bed with Belle like he did last year. As I started the second lap, I passed by our truck and waved at the dogs. Next thing I know,  the dogs in a truck in front of me are being restrained by their owner as I near him. Strange, they didn't seem bothered by the runner in front of me going by, so I look back and sure enough here comes Tanner, high-tailing it (hahaha) after me looking so proud of himself. I had two choices- 1) stop and back track, struggle with the tailgate, try and convince Tanner to jump back in the truck because it's way more fun in there, struggle to close it, then rejoin the race, or 2) keep going. After a moment's thought, I realized Tanner would be experiencing his own punishment by continuing the run with me. So off we went. He did pretty well, too! He kept trying to run up to the guy in front of me- I think he thought it was Travis, because as soon as the guy would look down and smile, Tanner would totally slow down and keep pace with me. I kept laughing (which must be the real reason for my slow time, yeah, that's it!) and kept trying to keep him by me as we passed the cheering crowds. It was all worth it when we rounded the last corner and saw Travis with a look of surprise on his face. I wish we had a picture of Tanner crossing the finish line...

Anyway, after the eventful morning, we spend the day relaxing at my parents' cabin; my dad barbecued some delicious ribs and my mom created some mouth-watering side dishes. We filled up then headed out to the Twaine Hart Concert in the Park.
Adaline had fun showing her patriotism...
 We had some tasty wine, thanks to Les!
 After sufficient time spent waving the flag, Adaline curled up for some chair-dancing.
 This last picture was taken at last year's July 4th concert- I still can't believe it's only been a year.
It was another great holiday! I hope you enjoyed your holiday as much as we did.

P.S. Travis placed second in his age division! Congrats to him!

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