Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fair Season

We met up with Aunt Sara in Sonora for her birthday yesterday. There's not much to do in Sonora, so we decided to take Adaline to the fair. She went with us last year to the Stanislaus County Fair, but she was so little we didn't really get a reaction from her. Sonora was perfect for this year! It was big enough to have all the fair "must-haves"but small enough that all the FFA kids were willing to share their animals with Adaline for a few moments.
Here are a few pics Travis took with his cell phone camera-
Adaline and the "kitties" (what she calls all bunnies in our books)...
 Adaline, my hat, and the one goat that wanted to visit.
 Birthday Girl Sara, Adaline, and the goat...
It was such a great experience~ the perfect size to introduce Adaline to livestock. I can't wait to take her back to the Stanislaus County Fair next week and see what she thinks of the Big Fair.
Again, Happy Birthday Sara! We were so happy you were able to share your day with us!

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