Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day

After we had our private Christmas with Adaline, we joined the other 50 or so members of my family for breakfast in Hilmar.  My grandparents, their 5 kids (my dad being the oldest), their 10 children AND all their families (of which we added Adaline as the youngest member!)  It's always warm, busy, loud and filled with love and laughter.  We had a great time showing off Adaline to all the family that had yet to meet her in person (facebook just doesn't count), but it was really overwhelming for Adaline.  She's a slow-to-warm up baby and she did not want both Travis and me out of her sight at once.  We spend as long as we could there, and left right before a meltdown.

Julie (the next youngest great-grandchild) and Adaline.  
It looks like Adaline is hugging her, but I think she was really pushing her away!  

We raced home, packed up the car as fast as we could and headed back up the hill to have Christmas night with Travis's family.  Adaline only slept 30 minutes in the car and was pretty groggy and cranky, but she did her best to stick it out with us.  She seemed to really like opening her gifts and playing with her new toys and stuffed animals.
Look, I really was there!
Adaline's first Christmas dress (thanks Cousin Laura!)

We had a rough night (not surprising after all the exciting events) but woke up to snow on Sunday.  Well, Adaline woke up to snow, we were still up when the rain turned silent and everything turned white :)  We took her out to see it, but didn't play in it yet.  We came home and spent the rest of the day resting and putting away our Christmas decorations.

A busy couple of days, but really fun!  Hope you all had an enjoyable holiday, too!

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