Monday, December 27, 2010

Play date with Jack

Christmas season brought us a play date with the son and daughter of a childhood friend of mine, Sarah. Well, it was more a play date between Adaline and Jack, not so much Reese.  She's much older than the babies, and had her own toys to play with :)

 Adaline spent most of the time chewing on the toys, and Jack spent most of the time trying to show Adaline how to crawl.

Jack is such a happy boy!

This is how it works, Adaline.  First you lift yourself up...

Then you pull yourself forward like this.

See how it makes you go forward?

Jack has the best clothes.
Seems like he liked Adaline's socks, too.

I think Jack is going to be a strapping young man, tall like his parents.  He's 3 months younger than Adaline and almost the same size!

Miss Reese was as beautiful as ever.  Such a smart three-year-old!  
It was great seeing the family, and we look forward to the next visit!

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Enid said...

lovely to see the children playing. great pic of babes with Mums